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Six Mistakes Men Make:


1. One man can profit by annihilating another.

2. Penchant people have to worry about things they cannot change.

3. People’s belief that things are impossible because they cannot find a way to get it done.

4. Holding on to pride, preference, and prejudice.

5. People stop learning and do not expand their minds.

6. Insistent attempts to make others believe and live as they do. 

- Marcus Tullius Cicero


It’s the 50th anniversary of Marvel’s Spider-Man, and all year Hero Complex will talk to notable names about the character’s success and singular appeal.

Today: A guest essay by Neal Adams, one of the most influential comic-book artists of the modern era and one of the industry’s leading voices for artists’ rights.

And so with Superman the concept of superhero was born and flourished … until the dark ages of comics showed up with the fanatical attacks of Fredric Wertham and Congress. Comics nearly shut down, except for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, a bevy of new sparkle-toothed-born do-gooders. Not one bad thought existed in the minds of these heroes, whose books shared the spinner-rack with DC’s Pat Boone comics (yes, I said Pat Boone comics) and Jerry Lewis.

I was there, and it was hell.

Image: Panel from the first Spider-Man story. Credit: Marvel Comics

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